You will see in many of our configuration instructions. When following these instructions you are supposed to substitute with the corresponding location in your computer. Its location will vary depending on your operating system. Find in the following directories:

  • UniFi Cloud Key & Debian/Ubuntu Linux: /usr/lib/unifi
  • Windows: %userprofile%/Ubiquiti UniFi.

Note: %userprofile% is a Windows variable that returns the full C:\Users\yourname\ path. Another way of seeing it would be: C:\Users\\Ubiquiti UniFi.

  • mac OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/UniFi. You can get to this folder by several paths:
    • Option 1: Click option+Go in Finder’s top menu bar to access Library. From there navigate to Application Support > UniFi.
    • Option 2: /Applications/

Note: Do not double click on, as it will launch the application, instead, Right Click > Show Package Contents.

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